My Recommended Links

I invite you to link to these additional helpful articles and videos to further enhance your relationships and help you handle challenging situations.

Imago Logo

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago has provided relationship advice and counseling worldwide. 'Sign in' on the site to receive free resources including articles and videos.

American Association For Marriage and Family Therapy

National organization deals with relationship and family issues. Be sure to click on Updates on Family Problems to find many articles on all aspects of family life.
Smart Logo

Smart Marriages

This is an organization that has informative conferences and seminars for consumers to improve their marriages. See the videos of many of the speakers.
Dr. Meyers

Dr. Sheri Meyers

Dr. Meyers has created a series of videos on different aspects of affairs on YouTube. I particularly recommend the one on How To Affair Proof Your Relationship.


Family Therapists

Roz Zinner, LCSW-C, divorce mediator

There are times when relationships don't work out and the couples separate. At the same time, they need to tend to their children's needs. Mediation is a respectful way to deal with issues of divorce and child custody.