About the Columbia Relationship Center Website

My AskAnn website offers practical information on building better relationships. It gives hope and inspiration by sharing success stories of the many people I have helped over the years. In addition, the site provides an opportunity for you to submit questions about problems you are facing in your relationships for me to answer.

Therapy Services

The following therapy services are available:
In the course of a marriage, many couples hit a roadblock in their relationship. They may have difficulty communicating with each other. One partner may have had an affair or there may be a loss of intimacy, or a problem with one of the children. Both partners may feel lonely and confused. I can teach you powerful new skills, such as, the 'Couple's Dialogue' of Imago Relationship Therapy, so you as a couple can learn new ways to communicate and connect in a safe, nurturing way to restore caring and love in your relationship. You can learn effective ways to resolve conflicts and bring healing and forgiveness back into your lives.

See Success Stories for Couples.

Premarital Couples:
Choosing a life partner and getting married may be one of the most important decisions of your life. I offer a one day workshop, Start Right and Stay Connected (see below), to learn new skills to prepare for a successful long-term relationship. Or, as a couple, you may choose to see me to resolve specific concerns.

As you go through the life cycle, it is only natural that many challenges and difficulties will come up. I can help you deal with the resulting stress or emotional difficulties, such as, depression, anxiety, and grieving that comes with a serious loss. You can learn new skills to build self-esteem, manage anger, resolve traumatic incidents, and cope effectively with change.

See Success Stories for Individuals.

You may be getting over a breakup or finding it difficult to be in a committed long-term relationship. You don't want to make the same mistakes again. You're welcome to come in to deal with these issues alone and/or attend one of my seminars: Relationship Group for Individuals and Singles (see below).

Parents have particular needs in managing family conflicts. I can help you find practical strategies that you as parents can use to manage conflicts you face with your children. Learn what you can do to help your children deal with emotional problems, school difficulties, or the challenges of entering the teen years. Learn new ways to deal with family difficulties that come with divorce, adoption, and remarriage.

Start Right and Stay Connected
A Workshop for Premarital Couples:
Invest in this one-day workshop and learn new skills and ideas to prepare for successful long-term relationships. It is based on the works of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. with Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D. and John Gottman Ph.D. You will learn:
  • Stages of a relationship from ‘romantic love’ to the ‘power struggle’ to finding ‘real love’
  • Effective communication skills to handle conflicts and successfully resolve issues
  • How to handle extended family issues, such as, being in an interfaith marriage
  • Tools to enhance your relationship
  • How to have an open dialogue requesting changes in each other’s behavior to get your mutual needs met.

Relationship Group for Individuals and Singles:
This 14-session group will help you resolve past relationships and prepare you for committed partnerships. The group format is based on Imago Relationship Therapy developed by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. You will learn:
  • The ‘Intentional Dialogue,’ a way of entering and understanding another’s world without judgment and in turn to be heard and understood
  • The process of letting go of old resentments or previous partners
  • How childhood experiences and past relationships may affect your present relationships.

See Success Stories for Groups to find comments from past members.